The Wattometer

We love cycling and talking about Watts, Power, WPKg, Power curve and all the sorts of things most people have no interest in or no clue about - usually both.

How about we try to make wattlove a bit more tangible to appeal to a larger audience?

Instead of

I did 356 watts up Box Hill 🤷


I powered 2 laptops, a TV, a smartwatch, a charging smartphone, an old school light bulb, and a desktop computer all the way up Box Hill 💪

Before you go taunting the TV, remember, this is just a bit of fun, and a huge generalisation, your TV may actually eat more watts than you can produce!

Crank the Wattometer up to to compare your watts against random things and impress your non cycling friends.

If you don't like analog knob twiddling, you can digitally change the watt count directly.

Feed me watts \ (•◡•) /

We have a serious side too

try our

Power Meter Comparison Tool

to compare those watts 4 real!

I'm a software developer and cyclist based in the South East of the UK.

Like most keen cyclists I get far too nerdy analysing rides.

I hope this tool helps you fully send your indulgence too.


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