Things change

Starting Feb 2023 here is a list of things that have been added to the site / bug fixes / changes.

A big thank you to the following software packages that made the technical build much easier:

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The changes

    • 2024-04-20
    • Alpha release of "Compare The Time Trials“ feature. This feature allows you to compare multiple activities of the same course. Click here for a sneak peak of the Time Trial feature. This is an Alpha release, so safety goggles on please ;) Some shared functions between "Time Trial“ and Compare The Watts features have been refactored to make the code more maintainable. We are not anticipating any issues, but if you do spot something, please let us know.
    • 2024-03-16
    • Added a workaround for including motor_power data from Specialized App fit files, which aren't currently in the developer fields. The future plan is to introduce a UI to make this process smoother for other niche requirements. Stay tuned for this update, and thanks to RB for the idea!
    • 2023-11-14
    • Garmin made a change to the way they store data in their fit files. The change went into place on the 1st December 2023, you can see the details here. This change caused an issue with the library we use to parse the fit files, big love to fit-parser for fixing ❤️.
      We have now updated the library and all should be working again.
      Thank you to AB for raising the issue.
    • 2023-09-28
    • Data for Left/Right power readings was inaccurately presented on certain power meters.
      My testing was primarily conducted using the Wahoo Bolt, which originally displayed the power balance as a percentage favoring the Left side. However, after a recent update, it now shows the balance in favor of the Right side.
      It appears that Wahoo wasn't adhering to the FIT specifications but has since corrected this, as discussed in Golden Cheetah forums.
      The power balance now includes an additional field to specify which side is dominant, ensuring the data is represented accurately.
      I'm uncertain about the number of devices affected by this issue. I believe that most devices on modern firmware will have been affected.
      My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this oversight. I was puzzled a while back, mistakenly thinking a cleat adjustment had led to this shift in balance.
      If anyone continues to face problems, please reach out.
      A special thanks to SJ for highlighting this matter!
    • 2023-06-03
    • Support for Laps data is now available per main and L/R data sets.
      You can quickly use the table data to zoom in and out of the charts to view only that lap data.
      Duration and Avg. Watts (Ex smoothing, Ex 0s, Ex offset) is given in the laps table.
      Laps are also show as indicators on the charts just below the timeline axis
      Thanks again to Z for the suggestion!
    • 2023-05-23
    • Alpha release support for Garmin ConnectIQ Apps additional data fields in fit files. Thanks to the community for requesting this feature! If additional power and cadence fields are detected in a file, we will attempt to process the file as 2 data sets. Let us know if you are having issues with secondary data fields as standards are pretty loose, we appreciate the feedback
    • 2023-04-10
    • Added options for power curve calculation length up to 60 minutes, default now is 1 minute
    • Fixed a bug where the first point in a data set was ignored for a 1 second power curve point in a "power curve“ calculation
    • Fixed a bug where power curve was not recalculated on smoothing changes
  • 2023-02-25

    • Improvements to visual difference series in charts.
    • Difference chart is now a fixed scale so does not rescale when zooming in.
    • When more than 2 fit files selected, difference series in charts will now calculate range as a % of average of all data points of all series rather than first 2 files data.
    • Fixed bug where + time offset moved the series in the wrong direction.
    • Allow hover over the moving chart legend so all series can have visibility toggled.
  • 2023-02-13

    • Added CSV downloads.
    • Added changelog.
    • Improved top menu to include more items.
    • Fixed a bug that allowed some 0s in some scenarios to creep in to averages.
    • Fixed bug that in some circumstances trimmed the last datapoint from stats.
    • Fixed bug that caused chart to zoom in on load to show the first fit files start and end time. Correct to show all fit files in full on load.
    • Changed smoothing calculation to fix bug where data points seperated by null time points could have been adjoined in smoothing.

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